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The Billionaire Needs a Baby

I never expected my first time to be with a powerful billionaire.
I never expected to fall in love so fast.
I never expected to get pregnant.

This powerful billionaire says he wants me forever.
But now that a baby is on the way, will he change his mind?

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Dragon Soldier

When I wake up in a green tank filled with ooze, I know it isn’t good. When I break out, creatures with weaponry so advanced it can’t possibly have come from earth show up.

I don’t know what they plan on doing with me, but I’m not sticking around to find out. I’ll do anything to escape. Even release the gigantic, captive dragon they have on their ship.

Let’s just say he’s as eager to get out of here as I am. After freaking ripping apart the ship, we crash land on a prehistoric planet where everything wants to kill us.

Yes, us. The dragon man is with me. Great.

He’s made it very clear he’s going to protect me. And feed me. And keep me very warm at night.


The Sheikh's Secret Amnesia Baby

They told me to move on. I couldn’t.When she disappeared, I didn’t just lose the love of my life. I lost the best piece of myself.No other woman could ever compare. No matter how many years past, I never forgot her...not even for one night. I’d lost all hope of ever finding her again.Until the day I was lounging on a tropical beach, and she served me a drink.She doesn’t remember me.She doesn’t know I’m the father of our beautiful little girl.But I’m not the kind of man who backs away from a challenge. I’ll make her fall in love with me again and reclaim her, body and soul.But my kingdom is filled with secrets and lies.Someone stole my sheikha from me. They’re plotting to make her disappear again...and this time, they want to make sure I can never find her.